• Mission

    Unicef at MSU strives to organize students for the survival, protection, and development of children worldwide through education, advocacy, and fundraising as Unicef at MSU through the U.S. Fund for Unicef.

  • United We Stand Challenge

    UNICEF at MSU brings a new challenge to you!

    This challenge demonstrates UNICEF’s mantra of unity and support for others. Sometimes we don’t realize how much we need a support system to make something whole. This human pyramid is a metaphor to depict the reliance people will have on others while conducting this challenge. UNICEF at MSU wants to raise awareness about the altruistic work UNICEF USA does around the world.

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  • The UNICEF Water Walk is a great activity for all ages that creates an environment of learning around global water-related issues. We have chosen to march on the Michigan State University campus with gallons of water to experience what millions of mothers and children do each day walking miles to gather water for their families. The packaged water used in this march will be donated to organizations that are first-responders in emergency relief and food banks based in Michigan. Come advocate for the impact the world water crisis is having on individuals here in the US and all around the world.

  • Did you know that 800 children will die today from water and sanitation-related diseases?

    UNICEF at MSU is conducting the UNICEF Water Walk to raise awareness about the impact of the global water crisis, the lack of improved sanitation, and the contamination of water. We stand to march and speak for the 663 million people around the world who use unsafe drinking water sources and the 24 million people that lack access to improved sanitation facilities.

    Unicef Water Walk Route

    Water Walk route is a 2.66 miles

    Address to People's Park

    MSU People's Park?

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    Why a Water Walk?

    Water is a being used as a weapon

    Rosemaine's Story

    Hiba's Story

    Innocent's Story

  • Join a Committee

    We want to include you in our work!

    Finance Committee

    We fundraise to help children!

    If you are interested in allocating funding for children who are in need, this committee is for you. The Finance Committee Strives to maximize and seek resources to help children struggles around the world. This committee is open to anyone who is willing to support this cause. The Finance Committee conducts fundraisers, manages monetary transactions, conducts business petitioning, seeks on-campus funding opportunities, and expands the market for fundraising efforts.

    Public Relations Committee

    We share opportunities to help children!

    If you are interested to communicate and share the struggles of children around the world, this committee is for you. The Public Relations Committee is open to anyone who wants to make an awareness of the issues children face around the world and share the work Unicef at MSU is doing to help those issues. This committee manages social media and website, designs promotional merchandise, creates student challenges, hosts recruitment events, and advertises all organizations events.

    Education Committee

    We are the voice of children!

    If you are interested in advocating for children worldwide, this committee is for you. The Education Committee strives to bring light to issues affecting children around the world. This committee is open to anyone who wants to be the voice of children. This committee coordinates tables on campus, plans educational events in the community, produces educational information to expand on children's struggles, and participates on-campus event.

    Executive Committee

    We make it work!

    If you are interested in the management and administration of an organization, this committee is for you. The Executive Committee strives to assure Unicef at MSU is working to its full potential. This committee oversees all club functions, creates officers’ biographies, coordinating officer retreats, acquiring leadership training for officers, records activities and participation, organizes leadership transitions, organizes officers' & members' UNICEF awards.

  • You're invited!

    Take a look at some of our past and upcoming events. We encourage you to attend!

    Weekly Meetings

    Come learn about the struggles of children around the world!

    Coffee Hours


    Don't miss our Human Trafficking talk on Friday Jan 18th

    Come get your treat!

    Find our table in Wells



    Bottle & Can Drive


    Donate your recyclables for a good cause.

    UNICEF Student Summit

    ​Come with us to Washington DC!

    Officer Recruitment

    Join our officer team today !


  • Upcoming Events

    Everyone is welcome to our events.

  • Check-In

    Checking in to our weekly meetings gives you the opportunity to obtain services hours and memebership points.

  • Meet the Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Salem Fezum

    Vice President of Finance

    A critical part of the UNICEF at MSU team is our one and only VP of Finance Salem Fezum. She always keeps our budget balanced from our many fundraisers and assures that the funds are sent to UNICEF USA! She even manages to still find room in the budget to treat our officers and members extremely special.

    Neda Rafat

    Finance Executive

    Meet Neda Rafat, guaranteed to have the most bubbly personality of any Finance Executive you will ever meet! Consistent, exceptional and intelligent to say the least. Neda has big plans for UNICEF at MSU and we know that with her behind a project, anything is possible. She invites you to become apart of our organization to see her at work.

    Danaja Wynn

    Public Relations Executive

    Meet Danaja or Beatryce “which ever you can remember” she likes to say. Positive and fun, Danaja is always looking for new ways to make UNICEF at MSU standout from the crowd. She interacts with the public so when you join our weekly meetings you’ll likely partake in an one on one conversation with our PR Exec.

    Kerrington Curl

    Executive Administrator

    Executive Administrator Kerrington Curl will go out of her way to make you feel comfortable in our little club. She manages to always stay on top of her duties and relay information promptly and gracefully all while dealing with the hardships of being a freshman at MSU.

    Diana Serrano

    Marketing Coordinator

    You can always stop by our social media to find the exceptional works of our Marketing Coordinator Officer Diana Serrano. In addition to her creative and witty Instagram posts, you can find her at each meeting with a gorgeous smile and inviting personality.

    Areeba Nadeem

    Vice President of Education

    Join our weekly meetings where at least once a month you will be given an outstanding presentation by Areeba Nadeem our VP of Education. While educational to say the least, you will also be inspired to partake in the fundraising related to each month's theme!

    Paula Salazar- Valiente


    Welcome to our organization! Every week you will be greeted by our President Paula Salazar-Valiente. Not only will she reach you with her warm smile, but she will always have a super tasty treat for you. She began this club herself and her passion runs deeper than most.

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    Mondays 6:30- 7:30 pm
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